Thursday, January 22, 2015

AW chapter 1- Meagan DeOcampo

This discussion has lead me to believe that written communication is deeply influenced by the design of a composition.  How something is structured and laid out is deeply impacted by how a person may view something.  Written communication does not solely based upon the topic or how you write about something;  it is very important to get the message you are trying to convey to an audience in an appropriate and effective fashion.  Future employers will look at how well a person can communicate orally but also how they can communicate with their words on paper.  They want to be able to see how creative and innovative a person is while getting the job done.  Design may help a person see writing from a new perspective and allow that person to build upon their own writing skills to become a more experienced writer.  Then this will allow the person to not only become skilled as a person but as a communicator as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Think About Blogs

 I personally think that blogs can be annoying at times but they can be useful as well.  A blog allows people to connect others by finding common interests or even learning more about another person by using their blogs.  Blogs also allow individuals to see related information that may be a use to an essay they may be writing or in their life in general.  I do not think there is a specific person who blogs.  Anyone can blog.  There is easy access around the world to read a blog or to become a “blogger”.
  I think a blog could be a use to me.  It may be used like the article says as place where I can put my creative output.  I may also be allowed to connect with other people as they may see my blog since it is open to the public.  This may a cathartic process like so many other people have said before but it might not be in a sense.  I am a very introverted person and I do not know if I’ll always be comfortable putting really personal thoughts or ideas out on the web for strangers to see. But on certain topics it may be easier to voice my opinions or thoughts if I really am interested or disagree about something.  
   I think a writing class would use a blog allowing the students to connect with each other as they can view each other blogs.  They can understand and learn a little more about each other as they keep viewing the blogs.  But also with these blogs it allows others to have access to information on a topic that the student may have written about that may help them with a task they are doing.  The students will also be allowed in the future to review the work they have previous done to refer to if need be.  I think this blog will be a mix of both a personal blog and one that share links to linking blogs.  We will write our own commentary on certain topics, articles, etc.  But we will also may have some personal stuff on these blogs that show who we are typically.