Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Photo Essay Reflection


I think doing the photo essay went better than I had expected.  I had expected it to be a long, tedious process but this project actually ended up being really fun.  I did the project on a subject I found really interesting.  When I put the pictures into my PowerPoint I followed my design plan where I left the pictures in color so the audience could see the reality of this disease.  I wanted to provoke the emotion through these pictures which I believe I did.  I feel that the audience have sense of being overwhelmed with everything I do daily in order to be healthy.  I also followed my design plan when I chose the pictures to be in the center of most of my slides; I wanted the audience to focus on them mostly and then the pictures would be supported by the captions that were located on top of the page. Over all, I would say this project was a success but it did take a lot of time.  But it helped that we did the project step by step since no knew how to do a photo essay. I would also say i am happy how my project ended up.  

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